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Icon test adn bien etre


Starting from $450

This category focuses on general well-being and lifestyle improvement. It includes nutrigenetics, sports performance, skincare, and talent & personality tests.

Icon test adn sante


Starting from $450

This category identifies specific medical conditions and/or genetic predispositions towards certain diseases.

Icon test adn filiation


Starting from $280

Parentage tests determine the biological links between individuals, helping to resolve legal issues and/or dispel doubts and satisfy curiosity.

Icon test adn genealogie


Starting from $450

This test is designed to provide individuals with insight into their family origins and genetic lineage through different historical periods.

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Icon test adn prenatal


Starting from $550

Prenatal screening tests can determine the health of the fetus as early as the 11th week of pregnancy, as well as the risk of abnormalities that could affect its health and that of its mother.

Adna Illu Package


Starting from $600

This all-in-one test offers a complete package, combining tests for genetic predispositions, pharmacogenetics, nutrition, sports performance, skin care, talent & personality, and ancestry.

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