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Journal: Testimonials

Emma's Story

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"Aging gracefully is important to me."

Emma had always felt good about herself. Confident, mature, and full of wisdom, she loved aging and continued to be active, both socially and physically. But at 52, menopause had set in, and her body changed, inside and out. Her skin seemed thinner and lacked elasticity; she sometimes felt bloated, and she wasn't always in shape to work out like she used to. Some days she felt that her body no longer belonged to her, and this made her unhappy.

Far from giving up and keen to continue living life to the fullest, Emma turned to a friend who had told her about DNA tests as a way of getting to know herself better. After talking with him and doing her own research, she discovered that it was possible to do a Skin Care Genetic Test that could provide valuable information about her skin sensitivity, sun tolerance, and potential vitamin deficiency, among other things.


She also requested a Talent and Personality Test, which she found quite interesting. The results highlighted and explained some of her inherent personality traits and natural talents, empowering her with knowledge and helping her make more informed lifestyle choices.

Emma was determined to age well and stay healthy as naturally as possible. This alternative to traditional medicine gave her the resources and tools she was looking for to better understand her body and how to take good care of it. She was able to adapt her skincare regimen and daily routine to give herself everything she needs today as a vibrant 52-year-old.


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