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Journal: Testimonials

Min's Story

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"Without sport, I don't know where I'd be today."

Min has suffered from anxiety since he was a teenager. He managed quite well when he was younger, but when he was in a demanding master's degree program, his stress reached intolerable levels.

Fortunately, his dorm roommate was an avid sportsman, and during their first semester at university, he introduced Min to running. Min discovered that running was an unparalleled outlet, not only to calm his anxiety but to keep it at bay.

Sport became a way of life for Min; he couldn't live without it. It was only natural that after a while, he chose to invest more time and resources in optimizing his diet and training plan. 


He was a high performer who liked to quantify everything, so he turned to a DNA Sports Performance Test, which provided him with rich, relevant information on exercise-related issues. This test gave Min his genetic muscular, metabolic, and cardiovascular profiles, helped him to reveal specific risks for certain injuries, and led him to better understand his aerobic capacities, strength, and endurance. It was a mine of information that enabled him to build a tailor-made training plan.

Min also took the Nutrition DNA Test, and it gave him the key elements to create a customized diet that was specifically adapted to his athletic lifestyle.

Today, Min is in the best shape of his life, thanks in part to his perseverance and discipline, as well as all the valuable data he gathered through DNA testing. His physical fitness has a huge influence on his mental health and well-being, and Min is very grateful to sports for providing him with this precious balance.

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