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Journal: Testimonials

Charlotte's Story

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"For my pregnancy, I wanted to give myself every chance of success."


At 36, Charlotte was very excited about the prospect of her first pregnancy. She had decided to wait until she was well established in her career before considering becoming a mother, and above all, she was waiting to meet the right person with whom to share her life and start a family.

Now that she was with Mickaël, Charlotte knew that she wanted to experience parenthood with him. They both made a conscious choice to become parents, even if they knew that conceiving could be a slightly more difficult process given their age. 


Much to their surprise—and their delight—Charlotte became pregnant very quickly. As they wanted to do everything in their power to ensure that this pregnancy went as smoothly as possible, they turned to prenatal testing: They knew that every pregnancy and every child is unique, and they were interested in learning more about their baby. The NIPT (Non-Invasive Prenatal Test) enabled them to detect potential genetic anomalies and posed no risk to either the mother or fetus. 


Charlotte and Mickaël both felt reassured by the ease with which the test could be carried out in the comfort of their own home with the presence of a nurse. They obtained valuable information that shed some light and enabled them to relish their pregnancy to the fullest.


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