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Journal: Testimonials

Nicolas' Story

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"It was time to take control of my health."

In 2021, Nicolas realized he no longer felt good about himself. At 30 years old, caught up in a demanding job and dedicated to his friends and family, Nicolas had neglected himself, and as a result, he had put on weight and felt tired all the time.

One day, his partner, Philip, shared an article with him on advances in DNA testing, and Nicolas discovered a wealth of interesting information, particularly on the subject of nutrition. He learned, for example, that DNA Nutrition Tests enable us to better understand our body's response to certain foods, how genetics can affect appetite, which vitamins to choose, whether we have an inherent propensity to choose sweet foods, and our natural tendency to eat (or not eat) between meals, for example.


This article was the turning point in Nicolas' story about his body and health. Thanks to the DNA Nutrition Test results he obtained in his personalized report, he found a concrete and easily accessible way to take back his life. Nicolas followed specific recommendations that helped him build a lifestyle based on healthy eating.


The first steps are always the hardest when it comes to making real, lasting lifestyle changes; many of us don't know where to start. For Nicolas, the DNA test brought him back on track and allowed him to take care of himself properly.

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